Futura Epsis 1 is an interactive studio based in Hamburg, Germany.
FE1 combines conception with research and development to create state of the art interaction design.

Rather than the usual 9to5 scheme our team works in intense sessions, following a concept of passionate work and living. 24/7.
If you are looking for cosmic cutting edge design and development FE1 is the place to split the atom.

We love the future.
We do love it so much that we want to create it.

No need to wait for it.

GRID² A/V // Leap Motion
Interactive A/V installation - LEAP Motion 3D control
Leap Motion, 3D-tracking, A/V installation
Huevolution iOS app
What’s the next step in home-automation?
Get ready for autonomous AI systems evaluating what you might be doing as a human being.
Lights, AI, iOS, Philips hue, LIFX, iBeacon
Rumpistol: Away music video
Rumpistol celebrates his 11th year birthday as a recording artist with his 5th full album.
Music video for the "Away" single.
Music video, processing
Hue Invadr iOS app: exploring color gradients
Enjoy a mesmerizing interplay between 2 lights that suppress each other, pulse from one side to another and change their color to your favorite music.
Lights, Sound visualization, iOS, Philips hue
31fps V3 // Website + iOS application
What more radical could you do with the web than launching a hardcore flash page in the year 2013?
Nothing. Welcome to 31fps."
Website, iOS, Flash
Hue Remote iOS app: control light with your voice
Application for controlling lamps in your environment.
Hue Remote is available in the AppStore and requires the Philips hue bridge.
Lights, Interaction Design, iOS, Speech recognition, Philips hue
C16: Audioreactive lamp & iOS remote
C16 is a prototype concept playing with the perception of moving light-gradients inside of material.
Lamp, Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Music, iOS
Nokia Lumia 920 + Spleen United: the openSongProject // website
The Open Song Project invites you to play with the new Spleen United song Hibernation, a completely open music video, where you decide how it's put together.
Website, Music Video, Spleen United, Nokia Lumia 920
Floating // 3D sound visualization + event
Stereoscopic 3D sound visualization with iPad remote app for the launch of the Floating LP
created by Rumpistol / Red Baron.
Released on Project Mooncircle.
sound visualization, LP, iPad, 3D Glasses, Processing, openFrameworks
QDD: Limousine to the Guillotine // iPhone game
For this dub-oriented project F.S. Blumm (DE/Morr Music) has teamed up with Luca Fadda on horns and Alessandro Coronas on drums. iPhone game for the new Quasi Dub Development LP.
iPhone, Game, LP
GRID // iPad remote + sound visualization
Interactive Multi-Touch sound visualization for the band Mathon.
The visuals are remote controllable via iPhone / iPad. Download available for Mac, Linux & Windows and in the iOS AppStore.
Sound visualization, LP, iPad, Processing, openFrameworks
Audi 2010 Annual Report // Website + iOS application
The Annual Reports provide detailed information about the development of the Audi Group's business, its earnings, assets and finances. Website with webcam control and as universal iOS App.
iPad, Website, Webcam control, Flash, openFrameworks
CrispyCrystal // Website (FWA SOTD 11.09.10)
The portfolio of german designer and illustrator Christoph Ruprecht.
'You’ll love loosing yourself between his psychedelic waves and faces, fresh colors and paradises of shapes…'
Website, Flash, After Effects
31fps // Website + iPad application (FWA SOTD 21.10.10)
'The 31fps app is like browsing flash interactive website. Epocmaking!'
Quote S_C_R_A_T_C_H, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan 2010
Website, iPad, Flash

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