For the release of the Floating LP by danish artist Rumpistol we created an interactive realtime sound visualization with an iPad remote control and a cutting edge HTML5 website.

The visuals are available as a free download for Mac, Linux and Windows and can be used in stereoscopic 3D with red/blue- shutter- or polarization glasses via side by side rendering.
As a teaser for the project we created an state of the art HTML5 website that shows one of the floating scenes in the browser.

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red / blue 3D mode
Explore different scenes by freezing them and move 360 degree into 3D models.
Enable effects to create stunning pictures.

The visuals are like a trip into space with futuristic architectonical models and an intuitive user interface.


"Using Multi-Touch the visuals are remote controllable with an iPad via WIFI."
Use one finger to change the camera perspective or use more than one finger to zoom into 3D models.
Users can also choose their own color and switch between scenes and 3D modes for example for the use with shutter-glasses.
The behavior of the app is based on a fluid algorithm that has been calculated between 1750 and 1850 but could not been solved until the 1950's
when researchers started to use computers and develop numerical algorithms to solve the equation.
Available in the appstore:
"Rumpistol / Red Baron - Floating LP"
Danish electronic artist Rumpistol, aka Jens B. Christiansen, releases his fourth and most extroverted album yet 'Floating' a collaboration with LA based vocalist Red Baron that further explores the post dub-step vocal territories opened up on last year's Talk To You EP.

Live performance at the 'MUTEK festival' 2012 in Montreal, CANADA:
Recording from the new media arts festival "Click" in Helsingør, Denmark 2012:
Official "Floating" music video released on Project Mooncricle:

Floating LP
"Brilliant soundscape!"
Laurent Garnier - PBB Radio/Various (FR)
"Checked out Floating and really love the vibe of the music. The production is superb. This is what Massive Attack should be doing... Big support."
Ashley Beedle - Balistic Brothers/Various (UK)
"Every track on this is absolute killer!"
Chrome Kids (UK)
"As If Beatles and Prince were composing electronic music together in Denmark in 2012. More than beautiful!"
DR P6/Carsten Holm (DK)
"Absolutely intriguing sound, I'm feeling it."
Simbad - Raw Fusion/GAMM/Various (UK)
"The whole LP is ace. DEEP. I'm so into the vocal track, love Red's voice"
Dj Flight - Metalheadz/Rinse FM/Various (UK)
"Nice sounding beats and always nice to hear some vocals in the post dubstep/beats world"
Audio Texture Radio Show - Various (UK)
"Soulful bass-elegance. You're spoiling us Mr. Rumpistol."
(5/6) - GAFFA (DK)
"Really dig this... will definitely support on the show. Look forward to hearing more too!"
Part Time Heros - Soundwave/Vibe Bar/Various (UK)
"Dinosaurs is beautiful."
Dj A La Fu - VaVa/Big Dada Records/Radio Magnetic/Various clubs (Scotland)
Mike Stukes / Mystic Vybes - WHCR 90.3 FM (NY)
"Simply HUGE. So much inspiration and creativity, it's almost overwhelming. Love the vocal tunes. I recommend checking this out!"
Urban Waves (ES)
"An incredibly beautiful 12-track album of mind-blowing contrasts - rough electronic instrumentals with choppy beats and all of this topped with the tender and smooth vocals of Red Baron. The combination sounds poisonous, intoxicating and the end of every track leaves you gasping for breath. And don?t get me wrong - the album is full of air, it's all windy and Scandinavian, but at the same time it's so intense, that you sort of get addicted."
Mo Fidelity (RU)
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