Over the past years we explored different kind of materials, designs and layouts creating pieces of audioreactive light-art, lamps and illuminating installations.
C16 is a prototype concept playing with the perception of moving light-gradients inside of material.

C16 modular lamp prototype
"Exploring color gradients inside material."
"Enjoy stunning audio reactive patterns & hypnotizing ambient atmospheres."

The C16 combines the arts of industrial, graphic and light design with programming
to create an interactive light solution for all kinds of areas.
The C16's touch-sensitive bottom case let's you control features such as brightness and color,
while more advanced setting can be made via custom applications for:

Mac / Linux / Windows + iPad & iPhone.
"The C16 is made entirely out of high quality plexiglass
and offers a huge variety of ways
to customize its' appearance."

The C16 is just the beginning, thought up as a modular system, customers or interior designers are able to tailor the system according to their needs,
with basic models, such as the C32 or C64 or custom sizes.

The tubes themselves can also be ordered in different lenght & diameter, giving the client even more options and a different light impact.
"While researching we came across a wonderful side-effect
based on the properties of a special high-end material. "

When illuminating the edges of a plate or a tube with different colors on two sides wonderful gradients form.

When playing with the brightness in dependency of the material length the color-mix pulses and waves,
creating a play between color domination, merge and movement.

Connecting multiple devices with bended tubes can create whole multi-user system with wandering colors.
"The movements and fades of the color inside the material are hypnotizing like
a lava lamp, making it audio-reactive was the next logical step."
"For interior design & architectural demands the tubes can also be replaced
with solid plates up to 2x1 meters. The material is over 90% transparent so you
can look right through it."

Each device is "hand produced" in germany with a laser-cutter & 3D printer and is based on open source tools.
If you feel like (and are able to) you can even program the hardware by yourself using creative languages like processing, openFrameworks etc.

For sustainability each piece of the device can be replaced if broken and meets the highest quality demands.
"I love it. Where can I buy this?"

We got the software and hardware running.

To make this a real product we now want to manufacture final prototype devices in different sizes
with the proper surface finish and finalize the remote application for iOS / Mac / PC / Linux.

To do such we need time and of course money. We are shooting for a release in fall 2013, providing lamps in different sizes.

"Sponsors and investors are welcome."
a research & prototype project by Futura Epsis 1

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