Mercedes Benz: Wall of wishes

Wall of wishes

Interactive installation for the Mercedes Benz CES booth

The aspiration of Mercedes-Benz is a car that helps promote the well-being of its passengers. Tomorrow’s Mercedes-Benz vehicles increase the fitness and well-being of their passengers even more individually and offer worlds of experience for all the senses.

The “Wall of Wishes” exhibit at the CES shows a vision of how Mercedes me could accompany drivers around the clock in the service of well-being and fitness. With the help of iPads, visitors could choose from a number of wishes and decide whether they would like to live more actively or at a slower pace, for example. Short films were then showed, based on an exemplary daily routine in 2025, how Mercedes me could give recommendations to promote emotional, cognitive and physical well-being relating to individual mobility and beyond.


• iPads built into pillars + external screens
• Localised into multiple languages
• Realtime rendering
• 4k 2nd screen interactive video footage