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The Lumos Ra™ Industrial Design

The Lumos Ra™ Industrial Design falls in tradition of highly precise German engineering, while celebrating the contrast of brutalist minimalism and highly expressive, playful and sophisticated interactive lighting. Space-graded, milled metal and hand polished glas by our manufacturers in Europe meet state of the art electronics, fully developed and assembled in-house.

A clear design language that emphasises the beauty of raw materials while simplifying shapes down to the bare minimum leads to the highest quality Lumos Ra™ stands for: Reduction without compromises while excessively opening up new ways to interact with colors, light and music in real-time, using a dedicated application in combination with a remarkable computing performance for a lighting solution.

Visualising music for performance and events with a very special sensitivity – delicate and precise like the swinging of a guitar string: With 2.000 lumen the lamp processes music in realtime with stunning 5ms at 200Hz, reacting instantly like an instrument with no noticeable delay.

Interactive and adjustable color gradients for public installations and architectural applications transform surfaces and create hypnotising and mesmerising experiences through the mixing of colors and the overlapping of glas.