Futura Epsis 1

Interactive design studio combining cutting-edge technologies with new interactive forms of expression to create award-winning experiences blurring the boundaries between art, design and technology, the biological and the digital.

In an ever changing landscape of new technologies and rising complexion, I aim to simplify. Mastering existing and new skills across various fields and disciplines are my foundation in creating empathically tailored experiences.

Interactive design means to constantly bridge the gap between soft- and hardware. Being both a designer and a developer I approach projects from a holistic, human perspective – playfully but also logically and efficiently.


Creative fields and crafts

Interactive installations

Creative concepts, Consulting

Project managing, Art direction

Apple software development, UI/UX

Product development

Industrial design, Mechanical engineering

Rapid prototyping

Embedded systems

Audio-visual motion design, Interactive lighting

Generative design, Computational graphic design

Aesthetic exploration

Design research

CAD, Technical Drawings, Manufacturing techniques

CNC machining, 3D printing, Sheet metal fabrication

PCB design


Selected clients

In my career I was fortunate to work together with some of the most creative minds of the top 100 agencies worldwide, creating outstanding solutions for well respected brands and indie clients alike.

Selected agencies

Relax we are the good guys, Copenhagen

Pixelpark, Hamburg

Department-M, Hamburg

Resn, Wellington

Nike Creative Lab, California

Tribal DDB, Paris

Soleil Noire, Paris

BETC, Paris

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