Avantgarde visuals, applications and interactive environments for brands, agencies, art curators, labels and musicians. Inspiring experiences that blur the boundaries between art, design and technology, the biological and the digital.

In an ever changing landscape of technology I aim to simplify and finding the essence of things through well crafted and precisely executed design principles.

I like poetic places and have always found it utterly inspiring to connecting with people through sharing experiences. Often I travel to clients for sessions where we get to know each other, explore and share thoughts, before I return to my studio in Germany to focus on creation.

Apple software development

UI/UX Design

Interactive installations

Generative design

Data sculptures

Spatial design

Interactive lighting


Rapid prototyping

Product development





Project management

Mechanical engineering

CAD, CNC, 3D Printing

PCB design


Embedded systems

Selected clients

In my career I was fortunate to work together with some of the most creative minds of the top 100 agencies worldwide, creating outstanding solutions for well respected brands and indie clients alike.

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