Lumos Ra Interactive Lighting

Lumos Ra: RA-01

Interactive Lighting

A lamp with app-connectivity that interprets music, playfully exploring color gradients: An interactive experience stimulating and merging the visual and acoustic senses. An elegant, minimalistic and timeless high-end audio-reactive product.

Audio Reactivity: The Lumos Ra lamps react to music with a very special sensitivity – delicate and precise like the swinging of a guitar string. With 2.000 lumen the lamp processes music in realtime with stunning 5ms at 200Hz, reacting instantly like an instrument with no noticeable delay.

The build-in microphone reacts to music with a very high sensitivity, creating mesmerising light based experiences across Jazz, percussion, Electronic music and live vocals on a professional level.

Interactivity: Set favourite color gradients, adjust the brightness and precisely fine-tune the audio-reactivity using Bluetooth Low Energy with our dedicated iOS app in realtime. Every aspect of our apps UI/UX is built for intuitive wireless interaction using Multi-Touch. Pro users can also hook up existing controllers and DAWs via OSC.

Using a patented and industry leading material together with high performance LEDs, a 94% transparent sheet of Plexiglas becomes a powerful body of light with unique properties. When injected with light from both sides a color gradient is being formed, mixing the different wavelengths. The mixture of two individual colors creates a hypnotic play of light from color gradients and deliver a unique experience through the synesthesia between sound and light.

At 100x65x2.5 cm the frames are milled out of 6061 aluminium, bead blasted + anodised with highest precision and quality standards by our manufacturing partners in Amsterdam. Our PCBs are made in Germany. The ARM based 32bit microcontroller can process our native code at incredible speeds and controls a 24V array of high-performance LEDs. We produce in small batches and on demand with a 4-6 weeks lead time for production. The standard RA-01 model ships with a matte black anodised, glass bead blasted surface finish. Custom builds, varying in size and color (Raw Aluminium, gold, white etc..) are available on demand.

• iOS 15 App connectivity via Bluetooth LE
• 32 bit low power ARM MCU
• Built-in microphone 20 Hz – 20 KHz
• 2x 24V RGB full color spectrum
• Nominal life LEDs: 30.000h
• 230V 5-50m cable + European wall plug / open cable
• 60W, 2.5A
• 2x wall mount + steel wire
• Audio-reactive modes (soft-intense)
• Animated ambient presets